Norfolk and Border Terrier Breeder

Occasionally I have adult dogs which I would consider rehoming after I have a couple of litters from them.  With the best will in the world I can't keep them all! But until the right home comes along they stay with me doing agility and having a good time. I am very selective where they go and all new homes will have questions asked and their homes visited. Please do not be offended by this. This is my policy in the interests of the long term welfare of the dog.  I also consider it important to place the dog in the right situation for its character, something you can't always tell with a puppy.

Even less occasionally ( think I've only been asked once) I might have a puppy come back through no fault of its own e.g unknown allergy in the home. These dogs are sold for a small fee which usually includes the cost of spaying if that has not already been done.

Riverworth Ripclip 'Eve'  now lives in Cambridge. Having a lovely time with great people.  Saw Eve for the first time aged 5 months on New Years Eve 2004. She was a dog that was not completely happy in a pack environment. She was always on the outskirts and I felt she would be happier in a 'one dog family' where she could be special and the centre of attention. She is much loved and very happy now.

Harleston Itsy Bitsy DOB 2006   Itsy was always a very small Norfolk Terrier and I felt it was not right or fair to breed from her. Eventually after many applications she went to a couple in London who have now moved to join family in Scotland.

Itsy was  a jaunty little dog who probably sports a Tam O' Shanter now whilst joining shoot days after she has been swimming and looking for seals in the loch!   



 Tiff hopefully has found her forever home in University town of Oxford. Apparenty her new owners have a Chateau in France for vacations! Jan 2013

UPDATE FROM TIFF -28th March 2013.

Hi everyone, this is Tiff, Just a catch up really......Think I told you we had another house in France?  Well, we came over yesterday ..first time for me and I have to say it suits me well.  We have two fires, I have a bed in front of each,  The garden is pretty big and green enough for me to know where to go. .. Bedtime is a tiny problem, short legs and stairs don't sit together well so I get a carry up to my bed.............and a lift down in the morning.........

I'll catch up again soon

And  4th Jan 2014..........Thought you might like to see her  majesty a year later.  France again of course,  .  Hope you are well and it's not been too wet to ride. ....

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