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Below are just a few of the letters I have received from new owners. I am fortunate enough to remain in contact with a lot of my new owners and their pups. Its good to hear how their progressing.

Sent: Thursday, December 03, 2015 10:56 AM
Subject: Rusty Two

Dear Deborah
I'm very conscious I should have contacted you long ago. I just don't know what has happened to 2015. As I'm sure you are aware Rusty was ONE year old a couple of weeks ago. What a year we've had!!! The most friendly of puppies who loves everyone and enjoys company, but I've not yet convinced him that not everyone likes him jumping up and being kissed!!  All his friends do, Did you know you breed excellent communist / socialist party dogs. He is a great believer in that everything that belongs to him also belongs to me, after all I play with his toys, but by the same rules everything belonging to me also belongs to him. Particularly, biros, remote controls, spectacles and anything else I've forgotten to put out of sight and reach. He is a great gardener, but is yet to learn that I'd rather he dug up the weeds not the cabbages I've just planted!! the other day he got himself completely entangled in some netting I'd put over them, and I had to cut him out with the help of my cleaner, so perhaps he'll learn. He's intelligent enough to, if he wants.
I've had some problem with walking more recently and have been having physio so have not been able to walk Rufus and Rusty so far  in the woods. However my neighbour has been taking m dogs for walks with her dog since I had my hip operation and Rusty absolutely adores her and Flicker her black Lab who treats him a bit like an annoying mosquito. There is a whole gang of dogs he enjoys playing wit, when out with Heather. Alhough he likes his food and treats they are not the first priority in life. He allows Rufus to have some of his food and  if doing something more interesting does not necessarily come for a treat.I think he could have been a good ratter.
He has been an absolute delight, is looking smart having been to the 'beauty parlour' where he was very good, even lying on his back and virtually going to sleep. Loves every muddy  puddle he can find in the woods, but resists with all his considerable strength going into the wet room to be showered! Likes to be nursed in the evening when he has tired himself out but no great interest in TV.
I had hoped to send you a  photo but I've not managed to get one the does him justice. When and if I do succeed I'll mail one.
With all good wishes and many thanks for a puppy who whilst being hard work is also a very real companion. He's growing up and loved by the vet who allows him to climb all over him.
With Seasons Greetings and a Happy and Prosperous New Year

Marion, Rufus and Rusty (2)

Hi Deborah,

I have been meaning to send you some photos of Finch for a while and have attached some for you to see him.

He has just passed his Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Course and is doing really well.  He is such a loving little boy, playful and great fun to be with.  He is doing really well with his training although he still cocks a deaf one sometimes with recall when he is playing in the park.

My Dad is terminally ill and Finch is wonderful with him - he really lights up when he sees him and Finch is so gentle and careful with my dad it is amazing.

I hope all is well with you and your family of humans and animals - special big kiss to Finch's Mum and Gran.   Best wishes, Lynn B


To: Pull 'em Tug 'em Terriers 
Sent: Monday, February 22, 2016 11:22 AM
Subject: Norfolk Terrier

Just a quick note on Winnie's first birthday to say how happy we have been with her. What a lovely dog with a great character. Hope you are keeping well.

Best wishes

Susan D

To: Pull 'em Tug 'em Terriers 
Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2016 9:15 AM
Subject: Lovely puppy
Hi Deborah

Hope all well?
I've been meaning to get in touch with an update but better late than never!
The puppy - who is now called Bee - is turning in to a really super little dog. She fits in so well and is a very happy, funny, characterful little item. She's very friendly and affectionate and is self  confident and just a bit too fearless.
Funnily she's not a morning person and I have to wake her up and carry her out in the morning when I go out feed the horses.
She has never had me up in the night - even the first night.
She loves being outside and doing 'stuff' and is building a great relationship with my other dog. She also loves (one of) my cats and wrestles and plays with him.  She also is worryingly confident and friendly with my horse - but he is 26 and has been well accustomed to my dogs over the last 20 years
One of my grandsons came to stay recently and she absolutely fell in love with him - so I feel a bit guilty that I can't provide a 6 year old boy for her to play with more often!
Annemarie D
To: Pull 'em Tug 'em Terriers

Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2016 7:58 PM

Subject: Our Jeff

Hi Debs
Just an update on Jeff. Doing so well - he's a credit to you. So much fun - slotted in to our home life seamlessly. Loving him to bits!
Rebecca x

Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 1:57 PM

Hi Deborah,

Thought it was about time we gave you a Stobo update. He is settling in very well. The first few days were obviously strange for him and he was a little bit vocal, especially at night, whenever he was left alone in his cage. But he is now getting used to his new routine and is also bonding with his older sister. At first Dassie was giving us those looks that seemed to say : "Can't you take it back to the shop...or at least take the batteries out!" However, her initial worries have now abated and they are getting on well together. But, if he gets a little too boisterous, she lets him have a good growling!

He went to the vet on Monday for his first injection and got a clean bill of health as well as some "Aah, isn't he cute" responses from the girls in the surgery! Next injection on the 25th and then he can go out a week after that.

We are absolutely delighted with such a lovely and welcome addition to the family.  Enclosing a couple of photos.

Very best wishes and very grateful thanks.

Heather and Chris

12th November 2015 

Dear Debs, 

I hope this email finds you well.  I have been meaning to drop you a note to let you know that Monty is thriving.  He has been part of our family for just over a year and is very much loved member!  Monty is a lovely dog, full of fun, affectionate and very kind.  Needless to say he also has a bit of twinkle being a terrier and all… which keeps us all entertained and definitely on our toes.

We are so grateful to you for breeding such a lovely dog and for giving him into our care. 

 With all our best wishes,


9th September 2009.

Dear Deborah,

Well its coming up to the puppies birthday. I cant believe how quickly the year has gone. We thought you might like an update.  We named her Lucy and she has fitted in a treat into out family. Both Seb & I are amazed how intelligent she is, patient with the children and adaptable to our busy lives. She enjoys daily walks in the forest and as Seb has his own business she comes along to his customers gardens during the day

She is a treasure and I cant imagine life without her now.

Thank you

Emma & Seb. (Methwold)


Dear Mrs Philpott,

Thought you would like to know how dear little Nelson is progressing. he is bringing us such pleasure with his antics.

Nelson has a lovely nature, affectionate, cheeky, very playful. He is enrolled in puppy classes which he will start shortly and he is very intelligent so will learn quickly.

We are very happy with Nelson and thank you for rearing such a lovely little dog.

Yours sincerely

Beryl and Liz. Felixstowe.29/9/09

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