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Meet the Team.

I have a mixed team who compete in Small and Medium classes at agility competitions. We train once a week at a club and compete mainly between April and November. All dogs are broken to stock and are used to horses. The older ones have at times run across country with horses and have no trouble keeping up.The Red Dog was trained by myself to originally work with Birds of Prey. I hope this year to return to falconry so that she can do what she loves the most before she retires.(This we achieved over winter 2010/11, sadly said goodbye to her in February 2011)

Update: 11th Sept.2012. Black Dog Mollie Black Working Cocker is the new Falconry team member. Now 6 months old and  undergoing basic training to become No.1 Falconry dog.                                                               

      Mollie 2014  Ready and waiting to work this season, a delayed start from last year

                                              due to my 'Silver Gap Year' of travelling.                                                

Mollie has now completed two seasons in the field beating and picking up game.

Working Cocker Kelmscott Peucher aged 11. Trained as a falconry dog, she now enjoys Agility as well, slow to start but usually a good finish.

Sadly no longer with us, Feb.2011 Aged 13



Harleston Petite Pippin aged 10 weeks now a year old DOB 2008. Pippins Mum is Mables litter sister. Pippin has now retired to live with Sheila.

Norfolk Terrier Harleston Mini Maybelle DOB May 2005 to 2015, seen here at her first competition in 2007. Speedy little dog with a big heart and bags of character.

Mable now lives with Grandma in North Wales.


Foxy Little Lady Nugget. Home bred Border Terrier DOB 2006 whose favourite hobby is chasing rabbits! Nuggets Mother Windmill Wonder Lass was our first Border Terrier and lives with my son as she was always his dog. She spends her time at work with him driving a digger or working around the countryside.

Nugget as a Grumpy Squaw

Tiggi. Bedlington X Whippet now 13 years old. Loves Agility and is very fast and agile.  Brings home most of the rosettes!

Tiggi also likes hunting. Here she is catching mosquitos in the Highlands of Scotland.  Shes not that fearsome. Honest!

Tiggi passed away in my arms 13th June 2014. Shes left a big hole in my life

Belleville Nothing French. AKA Tiff. Also known as Velcro dog as she likes to stick closely to Mum. Currently a non-competitor as she finds it all to daunting, would rather just be a dog.

Tiff is now settling into her forever special home January 2013


Pull'em Tug'ems Hunka Munka pet name Tog, cheeky little monkey loves cuddles.Tog is Tiffs pup.


Harleston Itsy Bitsy now living in Scotland. She likes her daily swim in the loch looking for seals. Little dog with a huge character, loves going out with the big dogs on shooting days. Probably sports a Tam O' Shanter perched cheekily on her head.

Pullemtugem's Rite Pukka.

 Potential Stud dog?

son of Pullemtugem's Humbug.

Alright Whiskers, bright little dog, very loving although a tad wary of people she doesn't know, but well settled here and I wouldn't part with her!

'Who me? never..............

Pullemtugems Maraki Pebbles. Alright Whiskers pup

D.O.B March 2014








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